Arch and Foot Pain

Foot with red bruise on heel to indicate Arch and Foot PainFoot Pain

Arch and Foot Pain can be a real problem. Biomechanical assessments are extremely useful in diagnosing the exact cause of your Arch and Foot pain. Gait analysis ,which is an analysis of how you walk, and foot structure examination can also prove very beneficial for people experiencing back, leg, heel, arch and foot pain. The medical term for these complaints is known as Plantar Fasciitis.

Investigations of the foot and lower limb mechanics are conducted by our expert team of podiatrists and physiotherapists using state-of-the-art digital and video computerised gait scanning techniques. Our team have helped thousands of people of all ages…the results speak for themselves –

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Footwear Advice

Choosing the correct footwear is extremely important. Our podiatrists / chiropodists are fully trained to give you the best footwear advise. Shoes are frequently the cause of damage to feet. We can advice you regarding the best footwear for your foot type (please bring shoes with you for evaluation), we can also advise regarding sports specific footwear.

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