Corns and Callus

corns and callusCorns and Callus Fixed in one visit
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Dublin city Foot Clinic Corns and Callus are both just layers of dead skin the body uses for protection. Callus builds up around the heels and toes, and under the foot. It may look unsightly or discoloured Corns & Callus can be painful, however, both can be safely and painlessly removed by our podiatrists / chiropodists.

Corns are also dead skin in concentrated areas of high pressure. They can be quite painful as they occur at points on the foot of high pressure. Our podiatrists can safely remove them and give you advice and options to redistribute the pressure and prevent them recurring.

If you are in good health you will only need to have your corns and callus treated if they are causing you discomfort. Some people like to have corns and callus removed because the corns and callus on the skin can become quite unsightly

If you are a diabetic you can be at risk of complications developing from corns and callus due to the poor blood flow to your feet. Regular foot care is advisable for people with diabetes.

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