Diabetic Foot Screening

Diabetic Foot ScreeningDiabetes can affect your feet in a number of ways, if poorly controlled, diabetes can lead to damage of your nerves (neuropathy) and blood vessels. Our podiatrists are trained to conduct diabetic foot screening as required by the “National Diabetes Programme Model of Care for the Diabetic Foot (HSE, 2011)”

As part of our diabetic foot screening our chiropodists / podiatrists can check your blood supply – Foot pulses, skin & nail condition, hair growth and Doppler assessment (Vascular Assessment).  Checks for loss of feeling /sensation – Neuropathy – Reflex testing, monofillament testing (Pressure), vibration thresholds and hot / cold tests(Neurological Assessment).

We also can evaluate the biomechanics of your foot posture thereby detecting early signs of abnormal pressure areas. Remember, early detection, regular diabetic foot screening and treatment can prevent later complications.

Some simple lifestyle modifications can make all the difference to the risk of developing diabetes foot complications these include:

  • Stop smoking
  • Control sugar (monitor daily) and cholesterol levels
  • No extremes of heat or cold
  • Exercise regularly (this helps control blood sugar levels)
  • Shoes and sock must fit correctly (avoid seams and stitching)
  • Check feet daily (don’t forget between the toes)
  • Attend for regular check ups
  • Attend a trained podiatrist regularly for foot screening
  • Keep feet clean ( warm salt water foot baths are a good practice)

If you need any further advise just phone us, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

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