Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal Nail Infections

Summer is here in full swing and it is a time that people will take their holidays and go out and explore the world. In doing so, people spend time outside a lot and they want to make sure that they look the best. Good clothes, check! Good shoes, check! Good hairstyle, check! Good nails, not check. Do you know why? Because they look all weird and yellow; nails can look like a lot of things but they should look strong and healthy. Is there a yellow or a white spot under the toenail and it does not look good? This could be an indication of something more serious? Yes, it can be Fungal Nail Infections.


Fungal nail infections on big toe, nail brittle and discoloured

First thing you need to know, is that its common and it happens to a lot of people. It begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of the toenail. The smaller the size, the recent is the occurrence. As the condition worsens, the nail fungus infection may cause the nail to discolor or thicken more than usual or it can also cause the nail to deteriorate and crumble near the edge. It is not limited to just one nail, it can affect several nails at the same time. It may not be too much in the beginning but as the fungal nail infection advances it can turn painful and that means trouble.


A Fungal Nail Infection can be caused by a number of fungi. The most common of these fungi is the fungus known as dermatophyte. In addition to that yeast and different kinds of molds are also a cause of fungal nail infections. The fungal nail infection can affect people at any age but people who are older are more at risk. As the nail ages, it becomes brittle and dry and that allows the fungi to set it. People with poor blood circulation and weakened immune system are at a much greater risk of getting it.

Who Gets It:

As mentioned before, anyone can get it but people who are older are more at risk. People who sweat a lot are at high risk, along with people who have athlete’s foot before, someone who has suffered nail or skin injury before. Someone who works in damp communal areas can also get Fungal Nail Infection along with people who have diabetes, people who suffer from circulation problems and weakened immune systems.

What can you do:

The symptoms of the Fungal Nail Infection are shared by a number of other conditions, so, first of all, you should get a proper diagnosis. If you have the symptoms then you need to get in touch with someone who is the specialist in dealing with them. Dublin City Foot Clinic is one such place where there are many professionals that can help you deal with the Fungal Nail Infections. You can get in touch with Dublin City Foot Clinic by clicking the link and booking yourself an appointment using the online booking system.