Fungal Skin Infections

red irritated Fungal Skin Infections between the toesFungal Skin Infections (Athletes Foot / Tinea pedis) are terms used for dermatophyte infections of the of the foot. Fungi often occur in small numbers on human skin where they usually do no harm. However, if untreated & conditions are right, they can invade and multiply in the skin & nails.

Athlete’s foot is a very common infection. The fungal skin infections grow in warm wet environments such as shoes, trainers and communal areas such as swimming pools.

Types of Fungal Skin Infections / Athletes Foot

Interdigital: Is the most common type of athletes foot or fungal skin infections. It is also known as toe web infection. It is usually found around the two smaller toes. It can spread to the sole of the foot. This form of athlete’s foot can cause burning, itching and scaling.

Moccasin: This type / form of fungal skin infections or athletes foot usually develops as a mild infection with dry itchy or scaly skin. As the infection progresses the skin thickens and cracks and can spread over the entire sole of the foot and the sides of the foot.

Vesicular: This type of fungal skin infections is the least common. It is usually an aggressive sudden out break of blisters under the skin.

Fungal Infections can cause blisters and cracked skin may also occur exposing raw areas leading to, pain, swelling, and inflammation. If overlooked, a rash may gradually develop along the toes resulting in the fungus spreading to the toe nails, causing thickening and yellowing of the nail, which is much harder to treat.

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