Ingrown Toenails Cured in one visit

Chiropodist using tool to work on Ingrown Toenails If you suspect you have Ingrown Toenails (Onychocryptosis) but your putting off treatment (yes, we see it all the time ) then do consult our clinic as early as possible, as it will be less painful in the long-run.

Possible causes & signs of ingrown toenails are: tight footwear, family history, toenail trauma, an abnormal nail shape (often excessively curved) or an incorrect nail cutting technique. Ingrown toenails commonly appear red, swollen & very painful. If infected they may discharge pus, and may cause new skin to form over the area that is irritated (Hypergranulation). Our fully qualified podiatrists can also advise you whether you might need antibiotics if there is infection present. They are usually found on your big toe nail, however any nail can be affected.

A toenail that is curling into the skin, but isn’t actually piercing the skin may similarly feel very painful and appear red and inflamed. There may be a build-up of callus or debris (Onychophosis) at the side of the nail (sulci) causing increased pressure and pain. Our podiatrists can safely soften and remove this offending callus and if necessary remove any nail spikes.

In more severe cases of ingrown toenails a small section of the offending nail may be required (partial nail avulsion). However, there are a number of different techniques we use to treat ingrown toenails, therefore, it is important you see our podiatrist to have the nail assessed as soon as possible.

Our fully qualified podiatrists at Dublin City Foot Clinic can provide excellent advice on the proper management of your ingrown toenails.
So, don’t suffer this extremely painful condition any longer, call us now and we will help.

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