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selection of orthotics / insoles in different coloursOrthotics

Orthotics are an extra layer of supportive material that are worn inside your footwear. Such devices can be made for different medical purposes. For e.g. they may be made with mechanical control as the goal, or with cushioning and re-directing pressure as the goal, or both! We use only the highest quality orthotics manufacturing processes, laboratories and materials. We also offer very competitively priced “off the shelf” ready made, devices.

Our podiatrists will only use orthotics after thoroughly examining your feet, making a clear diagnosis. If we feel you do not require them we will suggest other treatments or options. We are not in the business of ‘selling’ orthotics, we only recommend them when we have made a full diagnosis and believe they will be of benefit to the individual.


Always ask the person’s medical qualification(s), ask for the medical reason, ask exactly what the device will do and ask what benefit to expect.
Orthotics take up space in your shoes (no matter where you purchase them) – therefore, you will have to choose shoes that accommodate them for them to work.

Take your insoles with you to the shoe-shop, PLUS your socks if you wear them. In runners you may have to go up a 1/2 size or in width to accommodate them.  Look for shoes with a deep heel cup or ones with a built-in insole that can be removed and replaced with the orthotics.

Do not expect your insoles to fit into fashion shoes like high heels, unless made specifically for this purpose. Especially for insoles that aim for mechanical control – you will have to ‘wear them in’ i.e. let your feet slowly get used to the new position.

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