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Our Podiatrists are experts at diagnosing & treating Verruca (Plantar Warts). Verrucas are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They often cause pain if under a weight bearing area on the foot. They are contracted by direct contact with the virus in communal areas like swimming pools.

Verucca on sole of foot image

Verruca are small cauliflower shaped lesions often presenting with small black dots (petechiae). They do often resemble foot corns, however, there are some important differences. Firstly, they are usually painful if pinched (corns are more painful to direct pressure). Secondly, the virus will alter the natural skin striations – lines in your skin (corns will not).

Verruca are highly transmittable & spread easily (to people who do not have antibodies to the HPV virus – especially young people). Therefore, its very important to treat them as soon as possible. It can take weeks, or months, for a wart or verruca to appear after you have picked up the infection. The time between infection and the development of symptoms is known as the incubation period

Our Podiatrists at Dublin City Foot Clinic have many years experience treating Verrucae. They can be safely and painlessly removed by our podiatrists, however, the number of treatments required depends on the severity and type of HPV virus that is causing the verruca. .

Treatments are usually conservative, involving Salicylic acid medicaments and removal of overlying callus at each session. As they are caused by a virus, special attention needs also to be taken regarding optimising your immune system which can also help to overcome this problem.

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